About write-memoirs

My name is Jean Ellis. I started write-memoirs.com while I was researching my own family history and writing up a specific family story, prompted by a wartime diary and recorded memories, and supplemented by historical research.

Publishing my family story as a fictionalised memoir was important for other family members as well as for me, and we have also been able to reach a wide audience. I am now excited to be able to support other people to tell their own story – whatever that might be.

I started out as a historian, and I’ve been carrying out research and writing most of my working life. This has meant interviewing very many people over the years and putting together different sorts of material. I have also edited and managed the production of several publications. My aim is to capture your own voice in writing your story.

I am based in the Greater London area, Kent and Surrey. If you live outside these areas, it may be possible for us to work by telephone, or costs may include travel expenses and time involved.

Goodbye Burma

Goodbye Burma tells the dramatic and moving story of a family caught up in a critical moment in history, as Burma is bombed and overrun by Japanese troops during World War II.

Who am I?

I found it enthralling. It is beautifully written, wonderfully evocative and at times very moving – a  very good book. Guy Slater, writer, director and producer.


A very moving day-by-day account of the harrowing events experienced by the people who fled Burma during World War II, trekking through rugged terrain into India. Warm and fascinating – sad and teary at times. Kyi Kyi May, retired head of the BBC Burmese Service

Jean Ellis draws on her family history to evoke place and period in a book that blends fact and fiction seamlessly. Felicity Goodall, author, Exodus Burma