How it works - writing your story



Step 1

  • We discuss together the focus of your story and your main hopes for the project.

  • We discuss production timing and budget.

  • We agree a price and an estimated completion date. If you choose to have printed copies, I’ll let you know the likely print costs.

Step 2             

  • You provide me with any information that will give a broad structure to your story, such as key dates, family tree, important milestones and events. I will provide a questionnaire to help in this first stage.

  • You give me any written information you have which may be useful background or which you want included in the story.

Step 3

  • I interview you in your home or other suitable place, either face-to-face or by telephone, for a minimum of 1.5 or 2 hours. During these interviews we’ll have an in-depth conversation, going through your story. As a minimum, we will have two interviews, and we may need more, depending on your story. I record all interviews digitally and will return the recording to you at the end of the process.

  • I research the historical or other factual context of your stories to bring more detail and colour to the narrative.

Step 4

  • I bring together all the written and interview material into a strong narrative. I send you a first draft to review and you have an opportunity for any questions to be answered and any additions to the text. Once any changes have been made, you will be able to review the final draft.


Step 5

  • At this stage, we can finalise decisions about adding to the text any photos you may have, and agree the overall design. You will then have the final proof for approval.

Step 6

  • You may decide to receive a Word document only, ready for print.

  • Alternatively, I can carry your story into print, following consultation on print options.



What will it cost?

I approach each memoir individually. My aim is an affordable, fully professional service. For a story length of up to 5,500 words (up to 25 pages of A5 text), fees start at £350.  This includes:


  • Preliminary consultation and collection of first-stage information

  • Two interviews and delivery of digital recording

  • Drafting, editing and design of text with photos

  • Fully-proofed and designed Word document.


Printing will be charged at cost and agreed with you.